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" Moving Your Company,
might be the best way to get Your Company moving ! "

Today's property market is indeed complex. For this reason, we are willing to make ourselves available to you should you wish to discuss any of the following aspects of Industrial/Commercial property.

1. Are you considering relocating due to the pending expiry of your lease?
2. Is your current building no longer suitable, but you still have considerable time remaining on the lease?
3. Do you wish to investigate selling your premises on a Sales/Lease back system, which will enable you to free up funds which could be put to better use if injected into your Company.
4. Do you need assistance with market rental rates due to a forthcoming rental review?
5. Are you confused with the thought that you may be able to buy a premises for a similar cost involved in leasing one.

We have the experience and we have the answers. All we need is a little of your time so that we can assist and guide you in your problem solving.
"Service through Team Work" is our goal and as a Team, we can help you.

TEAM Property Consultants has one of the industry's most comprehensive computer systems to provide you with a fast complete list of properties currently available within the parameters that you wish to set.

We can provide this submission on the same day that you call, and you will be impressed with the information and quality of the presentation.

We invite you to call us today to discuss your situation.
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